Dr. Suma H.R.

Dr Suma H R is a Consultant Biochemist at Padmashree Diagnostics.
Specialist in:
  • Clinical Biochemistry Testing & Reporting
  • Molecular Biology Techniques & Bioinformatics
  • Bio Statistics
  • Quality Assurance in a Clinical Laboratory
Member of
  • Association of Medical Bio-Chemists of India (AMBI)
  • A Consortium of Accredited Health Care Organization (CAHO)
Work experiences are:
  • 8 Years of Academic Experience Post MD (as Assistant & Associate professor at PESIMSR)
  • 9 Years of Laboratory  Experience (Administration and Quality assurance)
  • 2009-2017: Head of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory at PESIMSR, Kuppam A.P
  • 2017-2018: Associate Consultant Biochemist & Head of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory at Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore.
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