Padmashree periodically conducts routine free camps for people from various stratas of society. One such regular camp is the Diabetic Camp, apart from this other camps like Bone densitometry camp, free health check up for school children etc. Camps are also conducted for Police Personnel from the city.

Senior Citizen Card: Senior citizens need an ID card with Government approval to avail themselves of various
concessions offered to them by the Union and State Governments. The State Government has authorized
Padmashree Diagnostics to issue cards to senior citizens. Cards will be issued to Senior Citizens on the day of
the inauguration of the new diagnostic center. Those who wish to avail this facility can get the application
forms at the new diagnostic center. Age proof and two passport photographs should be submitted along with
the completed application forms.

Master Health Check ups: Padmashree offers a complete health check up which covers the following:
  Complete blood work, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, ECG, X Ray, HIV VDRL or SCAN, Consultation with

Heart Check up: This offers the following:
  Complete blood work, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, ECG, X Ray, ECHO, Consultation, with Cardiologist
  Body FatAnalysis

Trained Phlebotomists: They make home visits to the aged and bed ridden to collect samples.

Padmashree is now moving away from the system of clients waiting in line for the collection of reports towards more sophisticated and time saving methods of electronic reports. This not only means producing a printed report, but also making the results available as an email, an Internet download, or through a SMS. Padmashree is also aiming to install kiosks where user cards are provided to clients who can then access their reports at any time. Confidentiality is maintained as clients user cards can be accessed on provision of password only.

Ambulance facility too is available
Community Outreach Programme
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • Diabetic Day
  • Women’s Day
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Radiology & imaging
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